This is how I 'play'. I like to play video games sometimes, and watch anime and movies (Especially in VR with friends). But I mainly like to create! This is how I have fun. The following is a list of highlights of the things I've created for VRChat, and tools I use to help make those creations.

If you have questions about any of this, or are looking for support on some of the tools I have created to help others create, feel free to join us on the studio JAW discord:

Tools & Toys:
Avatar Marker 3.0
Originally created by Snail for Avatar 2.0. He was responsible for the original shader to make it work. Recently, I worked with Snail to upgrade the marker to work for Avatar 3.0. This version automatically builds the marker on your avatar, including menu and gestures. I wrote the generation code, as he wrote the UI for the script.
VRChat World Time Source Package
There has been demand for having a way to communicate the current system time, to avatar shaders. Using a few different techniques, I have been able to create this for both worlds using SDK2 and SDK3.
Skulds Avatar Shader
This is the shader I use for all of my avatars. It's not a 100% feature complete shader (intentionally). I try to keep it as lightweight as possible. I am finally releasing it, because there has been demand for it.
Skulds World Shader
This is now the default shader I use for most objects in my worlds. If a world needs something heavier than this, I use standard. This shader was designed to be as lean as possible. It uses local keywords to build many variants. This was designed to be as lean as possible to use for things like the Oculus Quest, and can be used to make Quest worlds.
All of my Shaders
This is the source code to all of my shaders for effects, avatars and worlds. Some of the shaders in this collection are deprecated and should probably not be used. But others are really nice additions. Feel free to use these, or use them as reference for writing your own shaders.
This world is my own personal artistic representation of how MILI's "World.Execute(me);" relates to me. The world is also a shader demonstration. The video is all done in GPU by compressing all of the mesh data and key frame information into textures. With the use of Udon Sharp, I was able to feed it a time stamp to syncronize with the music.
There is now a stand-alone release that allows you to use this as a toy on your avatar, as a world of your own, or even create your own music video from a song. The package includes the tools I created to prepare the textures for the shader.
Shader Lab
This world is VR home. I generally hang out here a lot, when I'm not with others. But it is also where I play around with shader development. So here you will find things that I have as a "Work In Progress". But also things that I made, just because I could. Most of what's in this world is my own art, and of course, use my shaders.
Izanami's Dream World
This world is a recreation, with certain creative additions of my own, of a park in Sakura, Chiba, Japan. The world was designed for my original gaming group, "Visor Entertainment". It was an